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Product Features:

  • Front side: M40.5x0.5 male thread
  • Rear side: M39x1 male thread
  • Max. diameter: 44 mm
  • Distance between flanges: 4 mm
  • Weight: 10 g

This adapter allows using lenses with M40.5x0.5 filter thread (like Rodenstock Rogonar-S 4.5/60mm) on M39x1 camera mount in reverse direction for macrophotography purposes.

Made of anodized aluminum.

Compatible lenses are:

  • EL-Nikkor 4/40mm N
  • EL-Nikkor 2.8/50mm N
  • EL-Nikkor 2.8/63mm N
  • EL-Nikkor 4/75mm N
  • EL-Nikkor 5.6/80mm N
  • EL-Nikkor 5.6/105mm N
  • Old EL-Nikkor 2.8/50mm
  • Old EL-Nikkor 3.5/63mm
  • APO-EL-Nikkor 5.6/105mm
  • Rodenstock Rogonar-S 2.8/50mm
  • Rodenstock Rogonar-S 4.5/60mm
  • Rodenstock Rogonar-S 4.5/75mm
  • Rodenstock Rogonar-S 4.5/90mm
  • Rodenstock Rogonar-S 4.5/105mm
  • Rodenstock Rodagon 4/35mm
  • Rodenstock Rodagon 2.8/50mm
  • Rodenstock Rodagon 4/60mm
  • Rodenstock Rodagon 4/80mm
  • Rodenstock Rodagon 5.6/105mm
  • Rodenstock Rodagon 5.6/135mm
  • Rodenstock Rodagon-WA 4/40mm
  • Rodenstock Rodagon-WA 4/60mm
  • Rodenstock Rodagon-WA 4/80mm
  • Rodenstock APO Rodagon-N 2.8/50mm
  • Rodenstock APO Rodagon-N 4/80mm
  • Rodenstock APO Rodagon-N 4/105mm
  • Rodenstock APO Rodagon-D 4/75mm
  • Rodenstock APO Rodagon-D 4.5/75mm
  • Rodenstock APO Rodagon-D 5.6/120mm
  • Schneider Componon-S 5.6/100mm
  • Schneider APO-Componon HM 5.6/120mm
  • Vintage Schneider lenses - Componar 135mm, Componon 135mm, Comparon 150mm.
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If you are ordering OUTSIDE of EU: Please contact us to place your order without VAT. We will send you an invoice excluding 20% tax.

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