• IR Remote Motion Controller (Stand Alone)

    In stock, ready to ship! This is a stand alone motion controller which does not require a computer and it is remote operated via an IR remote. It has the...
    From €189,00
  • WiFi-Enabled 3-Axes Motion Controller WiFi-Enabled 3-Axes Motion Controller

    WiFi-Enabled 3-Axes Motion Controller

    *** NEW - Introductionary Price 50 EUR discount *** In stock, ready to ship!   This is a WiFi based 3-axes motion controller with following features: WiFi enabled. Supported software,...
  • USB Controller USB Controller

    USB Controller

    In stock, ready to ship! This is our serial (via USB to serial controller) motion control controller for our focus stacking rails. But it can be used also as controller...
  • Power Supply

    In stock, ready to ship. 12V/5A Power Supply for USB and IR Stand Alone controller with EU plug.
  • 5" Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi

    Build your touchscreen controller for your focus stacking rail. All you need is: This 5" Touchscreen monitor The Single Axis Step Motor Extension For Raspberry Pi A Raspberry Pi (e.g. Raspberry...
  • Single Axis Step Motor Extension For Raspberry Pi

    This is a step motor control extension board that sits on top of Raspberry Pi (EXCLUDING Raspberry Pi Zero series) with camera control and limit switch inputs. You can build...
  • Nema 17 Step Motor With Integrated USB Controller

    This is a Nema 17 step motor with integrated USB controller. It can be controlled by Focus Stacking Studio for PC on Windows and on Raspberry Pi or MacOS with...
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