• Camera shutter release cable

    In stock, ready to ship. Camera shutter release cable with 2.5mm stereo plug. Please select the cable for your camera. If you do not find your cable, please contact us....
  • External Battery 12V

    Ready to ship in 5-7 days! 12V Li-Ion battery incl. charger for mobile use of MJKZZ rails and controllers. Included is the required adapter for our controllers.
    From €59,00
  • USB Controller

    In stock, ready to ship! This is our serial (via USB to serial controller) motion control controller for our focus stacking rails. But it can be used also as controller...
    From €139,00
  • Power Supply

    In stock, ready to ship. 12V/5A Power Supply for USB and IR Stand Alone controller with EU plug.
  • Dummy Battery

    Canon LP-E6, LP-E10, LP-E8 and Sony NP-FW50 in stock and ready to ship! Dummy battery for Canon and Sony that replaces your normal battery pack in your camera. With this...
    From €29,90
  • Motorupgrade-Kit for Qool Rail

    Motorupgrade-Kit for Qool Rail

    In stock, ready to ship! This is a motorupgrade kit for the Qool Rail. It upgrades the normal Qool Rail to a Qool Rail PLUS. Standard Motor: 1,8 deg (200...
  • WiFi-Enabled 3-Axes Motion Controller

    In stock, ready to ship!   This is a WiFi based 3-axes motion controller with following features: WiFi enabled. Supported software, such as our free Focus Stacking Studio can connect...
    From €449,00
  • Nema 17

    Nema 17 stepper motor, can be controlled with our USB controller and IR controller. Specs: 0.9 degree (400 steps per rev)2.8A phase current (max)5 mm shaftCustom 50cm long cable with connectors...
  • USB to 2,5 mm adapter cable

    Power our IR controller or the Godox / Andoer flash with an external power source (like power pack or standard mobile phone charger with USB Type A outlet). Cable length:...
  • IR / WiFi / USB Remote Motion Controller (V2 - NEW)

    In stock, ready to ship!   This is a stand alone motion controller for focus stacking, video motion control, etc. It can be operated via IR remote control in which...
    From €259,00
  • 5" Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi

    Build your touchscreen controller for your focus stacking rail. All you need is: This 5" Touchscreen monitor The Single Axis Step Motor Extension For Raspberry Pi A Raspberry Pi (e.g. Raspberry...
  • Extension cable (2,5 mm plug)

    This is an extension cable for the camera release shutter cable. Fits to all camera cables in our shop.   Length: 1,5 m
  • Nema 23

    Nema 23 stepper motor, please choose between 1.8 deg (200 steps) and 0.9 deg (400 steps) variant. Can be controlled with our USB controller and IR controller. Specs: 0.9 or...
    From €39,00
  • Flash Sync cable for IR controller

    In stock, ready to ship.   Flash Sync cable for the IR controller. You can exactly time the flash to do mid-curtain shots. Read the blog article here for this...
  • Six Valve Controller (new version)

    Six Valve Controller (new version)

    Our water drop photography controller is an advanced controller that synchronizes many events together to make it much easier to capture water drop collisions. It can be used in simple...
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