• OGGLAB Vertical LED Lighting System (DB120EBx)

    In stock, ready to ship!   The Vertical LED Lighting System (DB120EBx) from OGGLAB supports both amateurs and experienced macro photographers who are searching for a light solution already for...
    From €349,00
  • OGGLAB Synchro Light

    This Synchro Light Box is placed between the OGGLAB Vertical LED Lighting System (DB120EB)/camera and the focus stacking controller (can be our MJKZZ IR-Controller, USB-controller, WiFi-Controller or any other system). It...
  • Continous Light with 64 LEDs (Godox)

    In stock, ready to ship! Affordable continous light from Godox with 64 LEDs for macrophotography. You can either connect it with an USB-DC cable to any mobile phone charger (5V)...
    From €34,90
  • LED Light Panel Pad

    In stock, ready to ship! This is a simple light panel solution for background lighting. The light is very bright and is not dimmable. The power comes from the USB...
  • HELIOS CN-T96 LED Table-Top Light

    Jetzt bestellen, versandbereit in 5-7 Tagen! Die Helios CN-T96 ist eine vielseitige und praktische Leuchtquelle für die Produkt- und Makrofotografie, verfügt über 96 superhelle LEDs und wird über Netzstrom betrieben. Die...
  • OGGLAB Versatile LED Illumination System (UL100WB)

    In stock, ready to ship!   The UL100WB is a versatile illumination system capable of generating three different configurations by properly combining the supplied accessories: Reflected Light: characterized by soft and uniform...
    From €159,00
  • 5W Coaxial Light For Infinite Objectives (RMS, Mitutoyo M26 mounts)

    Taking preorders, limited stock! Shipping date still not confirmed. Shipping take some weeks!   This is a coaxial system complete with 5W point light LED light source. It is compatible...
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