• Specimen Holder

    In stock, ready to ship! This is our flexible specimen holder designed for aluminum slots, it has two M5x6 thumb screws to make it easier to move along the T-slot.
  • Aluminium V-Slot Board 2080 Aluminium V-Slot Board 2080

    Aluminium V-Slot Board 2080

    This is one piece of aluminum 2080 V-Slot board measuring 20 x 80 mm in height and width. It is compatible to any MJKZZ rails and also perfect for many other applications....
  • T-Nut (M5, 10 pcs.)

    In stock, ready to ship. The T-Nuts (M5) are used to fix the motor device (SR-90P, Ultra Rail, ect) or other accessories like the specimen holder on the aluminimum rails (2080)....
  • Button Head Screws M5 (25 pcs.)

    In stock, ready to ship. This Button Head Screws (M5) can be used for the T-Nuts. Please choose the size.
    From €2,90
  • Joining Plates

    In stock, ready to ship! Joining plates to connect aluminium profiles. Please choose below the form and color you would like to order. Recommended parts for the joining plates: M5...
    From €2,90
  • T-Nut Linear Connector

    This long T-Nut connects two V-Slot boards together. It comes with 4 M5 screws.
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