• Q: Which rail should I choose for outdoor stacking?

    A: If you plan to do mainly outdoor stacking I would recommend to you the SR-90P. The base unit is compatible with Arca-Swiss system, so you can mount it directly onto your tripod. Because of it's construction the SR-90P is not as stable as the QOOL Rail, but as you are not going above 10X when you stack outdoors it is stable enough for outside. For stacking at home indoor you can work without any problems also up to 20X with the SR-90P.

  • Q: What is the difference between QOOL Rail and SR-90P?

    A: The QOOL Rail is more heavier and stable because of the construction where the camera plate is sliding on four wheels. Therefore the QOOL Rail is recommended for use at home while the SR-90P for outdoor. The SR-90P is stable enough to up to 20X, the QOOL Rail can be used for stacks up to 80X or even 100X how some customers do proof. 

  • Q: Is the travel distance of 45 mm from the ULTRA Mini enough for stacking?

    A: If you are stacking small insects in high magnifications pratically you just stack some mm from this insect, like the head of a fly, or even an eye. Only for the head you will need already some hundreds of photos to stack. So there is no scenario where you stack 20 mm or more. The travel distance of 45 mm is enough for stacking but can be sometimes inconvenient to place the object vs. the rail by hand. But you can use this 200mm long camera plate for more convenient and quick setups.


If you have any other questions please contact me here

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