• Musou Black Color

    In stock, ready to ship!   The World's Blackest Paint available to the public! General black acrylic paints absorbs around 94-98% of light however Musou Black absorbs up to 99.4%...
  • Fineshut SP 0.4 (Ultrablack sheet with standard tape)

    In stock, ready to ship! Fineshut SP is a light-absorbing anti-reflective sheet that uses ultra-fine foam polyurethane sheet, which combines excellent optical properties with an amazing thinness. This sheet (thickness...
  • Fineshut KIWAMI (ultrablack sheet)

    In stock, ready to ship! Fineshut KIWAMI is a special upgrade Fineshut SP that improves the surface shape and further improves the anti-reflective performance. It is formed of asperities like...
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