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The Vertical LED Lighting System (DB120EB) from OGGLAB supports both amateurs and experienced macro photographers who are searching for a light solution already for a long time.

3 different versions are available: Standard, Advanced and Professional

  • Standard: Turn on/off 2 LED sections [1-2, 3-4-top]
  • Advanced: Turn on/off and light intensity adjustment for 3 LED sections [1-2, 3-4, top]
  • ProfessionalTurn on/off 5 LED sections [1, 2, 3-4, top]; Light intensity adjustment for 3 sections [1, 2, 3-4, top]

Main characteristics are the full control of both light intensity and direction while preserving an excellent uniformity. The materials have been selected according to the following specific properties:

  • LED 2835 has been chosen because of its good thermal dissipation and for CRI > 80 (Color Rendering Index, see details here https://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/1179587/CREE/2835LED.html)
  • Anticordal aluminium alloy has been used to build the cylindric body and the upper heatsink
  • ASA275 material has been used for those parts devoted to the structural support of the body in order to guarantee a negligible deformation due to high temperature; the PETG material for an optimal light diffusion, good transmittance and negligible yellowing while exposed to both high temperature and UV rays; all printed by using FDM technology.

Photographer Enrico Bonino reviewed the Ogglab Vertical LED Lighting System on his website: https://enrico-bonino.eu/cylindric-led-lighting-system/

To avoid excess internal heating, the illumination unit incorporates an air based cooling chamber in between the led cylinder and the diffuser, this solution avoids micro movements of the smallest sample parts (e.g., insect antennas) induced by thermally generated air flows.

This solution enable an internal temperature reduction of about 10% with respect to the system without the cooling chamber. Led sections can be selectively controlled and the light intesity of each section can be modulated as well.
As for all the led based illumination systems the extended usage at their maximum intensity may result in system overheating, therefore, the system is equipped with a reset thermal circuit breaker which activates when the temperature reaches 60°C.

Note: For longer continuing stacking procedure we recommend to try finding a setting in which the system operates below 60°C. It is not possible to leave the power at 100% for all lights. If you want to use it at maximum or higher power, please use this light system together with the OGGLABS synchro light box.


Delivery content

1x DB120EB vertical illuminator
1x 3-way controller
1x cable DB9 M to DB 9 F (75 cm length)
1x AC/DC power supply 12V/4A
1x DB120EB vertical illuminator
1x 3-channel dimmer
1x cable DB9 F to 3x 2EDG M (75 cm length)
1x AC/DC power supply 12V/4A
1x DB120EB vertical illuminator
1x 3-channel dimmer
1x 3-channel light controller
1x cable DB9 M to DB 9 F (75 cm length)
3x 2EDG M to 2EDG M (40 cm length)
1x AC/DC power supply 12V/4A
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