• OGGLAB Dome Lights

    The OggLab Domes are produced in three different sizes to cover almost all of the subjects normally shot in macro photography. To adapt to different situations they can be easily...
    Ab €44,90
  • OGGLAB Vertical LED Lighting System (DB120EBx)

    In stock, ready to ship!   The Vertical LED Lighting System (DB120EBx) from OGGLAB supports both amateurs and experienced macro photographers who are searching for a light solution already for...
    Ab €349,00
  • OGGLAB Synchro Light

    Erweitern Sie Ihr OGGLAB Vertical LED Lighting System (DB120EB) mit der Synchro Box, um Dauerbelichtung und die daraus resultierende Überhitzung zu vermeiden. Sie können mit dieser Synchro Box auf maximale Leuchtstärke des...
  • OGGLAB Versatile LED Illumination System (UL100WB)

    In stock, ready to ship!   The UL100WB is a versatile illumination system capable of generating three different configurations by properly combining the supplied accessories: Reflected Light: characterized by soft and uniform...
    Ab €179,00
  • OGGLAB Brackets for DB120EB Light System

    The ring and 2 brackets allow horizontal positioning of the DB120EB. Printed in ASA with FDM technology to ensure strength and heatresistance. Please note that ONLY the brackets and the ring...
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