• Detent ring (ONLY) for Nodal Ninja Rotator Mini V2

    In stock, ready to ship! No need to buy a new Rotator Mini. It is possible to change click stops by changing out the detent rings. The Rotator Mini Version...
  • Nodal Ninja Advanced Rotator RD10

    In stock, ready to ship! Compact, lightweight with 10 detent options ranging from 90 to 5 degrees that can be changed on the fly. Suitable for fisheye, wide angle and telephoto lenses...
  • Nodal Ninja Advanced Rotator RD16-II

    In stock, ready to ship! Part in a series of Fanotec's new top of the line CNC machined advanced rotators. These rotators combine high precision, ease of use, compactness, light...
  • Advanced Rotator RD5 (Factory Irregular)

    In stock, ready to ship! *** Factory Irregular (B-STOCK) ***During production there are occasional paint coating flaws on some finishes which may show signs of irregularity. The manufacturer deems these...
  • Advanced Rotator Panning Clamp PCD5

    In stock, ready to ship!   More compact and lighter than the RD16-II or RD8. Low profile 26 mm thick. Small nadir footprint with a 62 mm effective diameter. This rotator allows...
  • Nodal Ninja Rotator Mini V2

    In stock, ready to ship! The second generation of the Rotator Mini (RM) is a compact and low-cost alternative for Rotator D4 / D5. Itfeatures fully lubricated bearings, interchangeable detent...
  • Nodal Ninja Advanced Rotator RD8-II

    In stock, ready to ship! RD8-II (For M2 Series) This new second generation RD8-II is designed to be used with the Ultimate M2 series heads. It has precise click stops...
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