Comparison of our rails

Precision Focus Stacking SR-90P Rail QOOL Rail 250 Ultra Rail Ultra Rail Mini
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Pitch 1 mm 2 mm 2 mm 1 mm

0,9 deg (400 turns/rev)

1,8 deg (200 turns/rev) 0,9 deg (400 turns/rev) 0,9 deg (400 turns/rev)
Travel distance 170 mm 70 mm 45 mm
Indoor/ Outoor

This rail can be used for studio/home and outdoor. The motor unit that is based on a long Arca-Swiss-Plate can be removed from the aluminium rail and used on every Arca-Swiss compatible tripod.

With a weight of 2 kg the QOOL rail is more intended to be used at home/studio. The Ultra Rail is very precise and should be used at home/studio.


The Ultra Rail Mini with 1mm pitch and 0,9 deg steppermotor shows the best results at home/studio. But because it is very small it can be also used outdoor, if needed.


Strenghts / Advantages Our best selling rail for an entry level price with 1 mm pitch and 0,9 deg stepper motor, proved and used by a wide group of photographers since years. Magnifications up to 50x is possible. Very stable construction for a competitive price. Although it has "only" 2mm pitch and a 1,8 deg stepper motor, you can work with magnifications up to 100x because it is rock solid. Super stable and very precise movements. Because of it is based on a real industrial rail it makes a big difference compared to other rails. Magnifications up to 100x are possible with the Ultra Rail. 


Our top product with 1 mm pitch and 0,9 deg steppermotor, based on a super stable and precise industrial rail. It delivers the best and finest results from all of our rails. This rail is built for extreme magnifications  up to 100x.


Weekness/ Disadvantages Due to the type of construction it is possible that it can tend to "wobble" slightly in some situations. In practice this is not a problem since the focus stacking software will correct this movements and you will not notice this on the picture. Only in higher magnifications like 50x and more it could affect the quality. If you aso plan to take the rail outside it could be a little bit too bulky and heavy with its 2 kg.  There are no disadvantages using an Ultra rail. 


There are no  disadvantages using an Ultra rail mini. It might look like the travel distance is very short but if you are working in high magnifications then the camera does not move more than only some Millimeters.


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